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Love Songs: A (sort of) poem

(This is plagiarism, but in the modern student fashion, from multiple sources. I composed it when I was asked to say something at the wedding of my youngest son to Elizabeth Cornwell in December 2012. It has assumed a kind of mythic status given that Liz gave birth to Isabella nine months to the day after the wedding.)

Love Songs

He thought love was only true in fairy tales
Meant for someone else, but not for him,
Then he saw her face, now he’s a believer
He couldn’t leave her if he tried.

When the moon hits your eye
Like a big-a pizza pie, that’s amore . . . Love

Love, love, love, love
All you need is love

Love me tender
Love me dear
Tell me you are mine
I’ll be yours through all the years
Till the end of time.

He’s got a pal, a regular out and outer
She’s a dear old gal and I’ll tell you all about her
They’ve been together now for more than nine years
And she is the real biz
There ain’t another lady living in the land
That he’d swap for his dear old Liz.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman
Giving all your love to just one man
And if you love him
Oh be proud of him
Stand by your man.

Love and marriage, love and marriage
They go together like a horse and carriage.

Just you and me
And baby makes three
In my blue heaven.