Lincoln Allison

Lincoln Allison is lecturer and essayist. He is the author or editor of eighteen books running into more than forty editions, and of more than a thousand articles including regular features in New Society, The Daily Telegraph, The Countryman, The Washington Times, Standpoint and the Social Affairs Unit website. He has appeared in than three hundred radio and television programmes, approximately 85% for the BBC.

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On Sporting Retirement

       My most longstanding friend laughed when I told him I had retired from playing cricket. His socks did not come off, but he spluttered into his beer. I half-expected this reaction as he is […]

In Praise of the Homeland

       Two households: one moving home, the other fancying a couple of shows in London. Therefore we had four granddaughters in the house. Why not go away? – the car has seven seats, after all. […]


Marriage Wholesome Handsome Honest Sharp-tongued Wife Gentle Eternal Loving Intimate Touch Couldn’t Tolerate Imagine Contemplate Life without you (She was lying on her back snoring gently, her hand resting on me when these words came […]