Lincoln Allison

Lincoln Allison is lecturer and essayist. He is the author or editor of eighteen books running into more than forty editions, and of more than a thousand articles including regular features in New Society, The Daily Telegraph, The Countryman, The Washington Times, Standpoint, Times Higher Education and the Social Affairs Unit website. He has appeared in more than three hundred radio and television programmes, approximately 85% for the BBC.

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  • So – should we go to Mauritius?

    . . . being the question one is most asked having been to Mauritius. It is usually the only question and is taken as pre-empting all others. We went to Mauritius for no reason. It wasn’t a lifetime ambition and it wasn’t on any kind of tick list for either of us. The question was […]
  • Raising Razed Cities

    In recent years we seem to have developed a semi-conscious affinity with cities razed by war. We have been in Hiroshima and Dresden. We based a war memorial tour in Ieper/Ypres, obliterated by three years of siege as a “salient” on the Western Front. We were also in Oradour-sur-Glane, the village wiped out by the […]
  • University Governance

    Michael Shattock and Aniko Horvath, The Governance of British Higher Education; the impact of governmental, financial and market pressures, Bloomsbury, 2020, pp. 198. In 1969 Mike Shattock and I both took up posts at the University of Warwick. He was Academic Registrar and, later, registrar, a role he redefined as managerial and strategic. He steadily […]