• Watching Jerusalem

    Here’s a really good trick: you charge hundreds of middle class people a three-figure sum each to sit in a place called a theatre. There you put in front of them the kind of tattooed, drug-dealing thief and marginal pedophile whom, if he appeared in the field at the back of their house, would have […]
  • A Fundraising Speech

    (Please note that at the time of posting – March 2018 – this is the only item on this site not by me. It is by my son Mike and was delivered at a large fundraising dinner in Birmingham on October 28th 2017. The total amount raised was in excess of £140,000, the previous best […]
  • What I’m Reading #2

    Lincoln Allison, emeritus reader in politics, University of Warwick, is reading Robert Macfarlane’s Mountains of the Mind (Granta, 2003)   Mountains were: forbidden and forbidding, an odious nuisance, God-forsaken and ugly, an “other” to be avoided. Mountains are: sublime and beautiful, a challenge and a sustenance for the human spirit, God’s finest creation and an […]
  • What I’m Reading

    Lincoln Allison, emeritus reader in politics, University of Warwick, is reading James Hawes’ The Shortest History of Germany (Old Street Publishing, 2017)   I was given this book in a pub by a friend who had just finished it: brushing up on German history with a quick summary seemed an excellent idea. Except that it […]
  • Real Heroes Have Sharp Swords

    Rayvon Fouché, Game Changer: the techno-scientific revolution in sports, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2017, pp. 262   A starting claim of Game Changer is that the impact of technology on sport in the last thirty years is on a different scale from anything previously. A great deal of the book covers the familiar issues […]
  • Assessing the Worth of Assessment

           In a lifetime as a self-appointed “essayist” I have published over a thousand articles. There are all kinds of ambiguities about that figure including revisions and syndications, but it a rough indication. Mostly they were part of continuing series and the vast majority fell “still-born from the press” to use David Hume’s rather chilling […]
  • Marriage

    Marriage Wholesome Handsome Honest Sharp-tongued Wife Gentle Eternal Loving Intimate Touch Couldn’t Tolerate Imagine Contemplate Life without you (She was lying on her back snoring gently, her hand resting on me when these words came to me.)
  • The Mistress of the House: Two plays by Lincoln Allison

    (These are two “one act” plays in traditional terms. Women are the central characters in both; the stories and characters are intended to be related in complex ways quite apart from the very slight connection between the plots. The source of the first play is easily traceable to an interview I once did with a […]
  • Love Songs: A (sort of) poem

    (This is plagiarism, but in the modern student fashion, from multiple sources. I composed it when I was asked to say something at the wedding of my youngest son to Elizabeth Cornwell in December 2012. It has assumed a kind of mythic status given that Liz gave birth to Isabella nine months to the day […]